Ridiculous Candy #8 - Boogers


Photo courtesy of Sandi

The guest submission idea is taking off...this time it was Sandi that decided to jump into the mix. She sent this little item to me as a sampling from the "birthday express" catalog, where it was included in the "total gross" party theme. Also included was the "nose" pinata with green snot coming out, tootsie-rolls collected in a fake toilet, a cut and bloody ear, a cockroach and a severed finger. This party was recommended for those age 3+ and you could send it all home in a specially designed barf bag.
Okay...fake poo and boogers...this sounds like a really good idea for a three year old birthday party. My three year old would be freaked out. What do you do when they turn four? Maybe you can throw a "dead animals" party or a "surprise! we are putting you up for adoption" bash.
Quietly making noise,