The Fletchifesto

February 2018


For the past two years, I have been slowly blogging my way through several of my favorite life-quotes. The process actually began when I had these quotes graphically designed into my personal manifesto that I call: The Fletchifesto. At the time, I had it made into a poster for my office. It was a personal reminder everyday to stay true to myself and who I think that I am. A few folks liked it, so I also created a few personal postcards that were fun to give out to different people.

It was great to blog through what I think is important and what I believe in. I also tried to podcast through these points and I might get back to doing that too (I still have a few ideas up my sleeve of how to have fun with the Fletchifesto - we'll see what develops).

Now that I'm done, I wanted to create one place where the blog posts were all easily found. If you are interested in reading back through any of them again, you can pick and choose through the list below.

Below is the compilation of all the quotes and links to their individual blog post in one location: