Welcome to theMangoTimes

You have found my personal website, podcast, blog and the international headquarters for theMangoTimes. For those that have been around since 1995...thanks for sticking around! For new vistors, take some time to read a few blog entries, listen to a few podcast episodes, check out a few pictures, and  ask yourself if this is really the corner of the internet that you should spend your time.

theMangoTimes has survived for almost 25 years, but my goal here is to simply reflect on our day to day experiences on this wacky planet. Our world is a very funny place, especially when we consider how politics, religion, work, family and personal experiences often collide. I try my best to include some of that humor with you here. I may occasionally destroy your “sacred cows.” That is not my intent, but with friends and family reading my words I want to apologize in advance if any of my personal thoughts, comments, or opinions on this site, offend you.  To put it quite simply…I am quietly making noise!

Enjoy your time on theMangoTimes for what it is, a snapshot into the life of one Jesus loving, wife smooching, dog walking, pipe smoking, Schwinn cruising, mountain hiking, tooth grinning dentist and homeschooling dad!

Quietly making noise,