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I am glad you are interested in my story of How I Reversed My Type-2 Diabetes.
In 2017, I wrote a series of blog posts that chronciled my journey into poor health and back out into the healthiest I've ever been.

  Below are the links to the original blog posts that tell the story of my journey. I encourage you to jump in at the introduction and follow your way through.

Thanks so much for reading along and being an inspiration to my own journey. If I can help you in your path to healthy living, let me know. I would love to help you.



Begin here. This is the introduction to my story where I kick-off how stress, diet, weight gain, exercise, and a host of other issues affected my health.

If you are not careful, you may recognize yourself in what I write about and get hooked into reading the whole story.


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PART 1: Middle Age Status

What does it look like when a 47-year old discovers that he has slowly descended into poor health?

In this post, I provide behind-the-scene juicy details into why and how I became your typical overweight, out of shape American male!



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PART 2: Fatty Liver Disease

Have you ever heard the joke about the guy who went to the doctor for a life insurance examination and came out with a diagnosis of fatty liver disease?

No? It's not a joke.

Learn how the warning signs of diabetes began 15 years before my diagnosis was made. Then discover how to successfully avoid a liver biopsy.



PART 3: Ironman Is Here

In this post I explain how I became a modern-day superhero and how a kind-hearted Chinese doctor tried to convince me that I needed to start having a menstrual cycle.

This may sound weird to the casual reader, but keep reading. It all comes together to make sense in the end. I promise. 


PART 4: Hypertension

"I began to "hear" my heart beat. In my temples and in my head, I could hear the blood pumping. This was now associated with an actual increased pulse. Once again, I had a feeling of darkness or dread accompanied with the symptoms. I still chose to ignore it."

Keep reading...it gets better.




Part 5: Bloody Noses and a Tumor

It began as a slight trickle, but turned into a regular nose bleed. Eventually I needed cotton inserts (nose tampons) to get the bleeding to stop. 

It felt like a toilet valve flapping in my nose, but it turned out to be an actual tumor growing down my sinus cavity. Read how this next chapter in my health gained me a new physician and landed me at Stanford University for treatment.




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Part 6: Stress and Depression

"I can remember when I first heard that Robin Williams had committed suicide and listened to all the rhetoric of the funniest man alive dealing with depression. Yeah. I get it. I totally get it. Life can be a stage sometimes." Continue reading and learn how stress and depression added to my list of health problems. Warning: Real honest discussion follows.



Part 7: Diagnosis: Diabetes!

This is a big post: Learn what led to my diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, plus a quick tutorial on what the difference is between type 1 and type 2.  I also cover what happened when I was shocked by an old neon beer sign and how that encouraged me to eradicate all markers of disease.

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Part 8: Get Out and Get Walking

It's all about regular and routine exercise. I didn't join a gym. I didn't run a marathon. Want to know what I did? I got out and got walking. Follow the link to this post and learn how two dogs got me out on the trail!




Part 9: Kicking Sugar to the Curb

I told you at the beginning that this was all about diet and exercise. This is the post where I talk about diet. Read about the choices I made to live a gluten-free, sugar-free, low-protein, low-carb, high-fat diet. "Keep calm and Keto-on" people! 




One Year Results

After almost a year of keto eating and exercise I followed up with my doctor. Bacon, eggs and cheese lead to high cholesterol right? Hardly. Read this blog post to learn how every disease marker has been reversed.