Ridiculous Candy #9 - Acid Drops


Photo courtesy of Mark

I am really enjoying this guest submission deal I have going on with the readers of theMangoTimes. Thanks to Mark, I have one more absolutely ridiculous candy to add to the list. The folks at Tesco must be very proud of their "Acid Drops" candy. They are providing a great service to kids by allowing them the "fun of drugs" without the addiction or the danger. You knew it was just a matter of time didn't you? Give me a break, candy manufacturers have been pushing the candy cigarettes on kids for the past thirty years...what did they expect would happen?
Of course kids would want something stronger...that's how the whole drug thing works. The candy cigarette is the "gateway" candy to the harder stuff. That's where it all starts...then, the next thing you know, kids start experimenting with the harder stuff and before you know it, they are hooked and sneaking over the boarder to buy illegal "hot tamales." They quit school and then you find them...unmotivated...snorting "pixie stix" and carrying their candy drug paraphenalia around in a little metal altoid boxes.
Thanks Mark! This one is truly ridiculous!
Quietly making noise,

quietly making noise, fletch