Ridiculous Candy #7 - Tape Worms


Photo courtesy Pomaleedon

Once again, I've been treated to another guest submission by Pamela. As you may recall, she submitted the photo for the ridiculous toilet candy, but I think we have reached the bottom of the ridiculous candy barrel with this treat.
Candy tape-worms? I would rather snort pixie sticks up both nostrils then eat candy tape worms. I would love to have been in the room during product development when the genius suggested creating the tape worm candy. Seriously, has this company even taken the time to acknowledge that this candy is based on a gastrointestinal parasitic infection?
Believe me...I'm not into boycotting, but I think we should let this candy company know how we feel before the research and development team begins full production of any more of their brilliant creations. If not, be prepared for yummy milk-chocolate "hemorrhoid candy" or the new fruity flavored "ulcer gum." Maybe it is just me (and I don't think it is...), but basing a candy product on any portion of the digestive tract just might be the most ridiculous candy I have ever seen.
Thanks Pamela for scooping this one out and for being willing to go back to the store with your camera to get a picture of this yummy treat. Your commitment to insuring quality in theMangoTimes is unparalleled (and unchallenged) to this point!
Quietly making noise,