theMT Recommendations - June 06

In days of old...when theMangoTimes was a monthly journal, I was known for giving sage advice on items of high culture.  I would taste, try, watch, and experience many new things every month and then include a review in theMT to alert or spare my faithful readers.  Recently I realized that I have failed to keep up with my monthly reviews, so I thought I'd pickup where I left off...recommendations for the month of June 2006:

Slurpees: I'm sorry, but there is nothing better in the summer than this icy cold treat from 7-11. I'm not certain that these frozen drinks are available across the country, but they are the best frozen drinks by far.  They surpass slushies, icewhips, icees or any other knockoff - they are the one and only.

Its-Its: keeping with the theme of summer, these tasty ice cream pucks from San Francisco are phenomenal.  Two oatmeal cookies sandwiched with vanilla ice cream and then dipped in chocolate.  Any questions?

Hammocks: ours sits in the shade of the deck just outside the family room.  It's the perfect place to lie down and challenge the mangokids to a contest.

Fuzzbuzz: Whoops...I lied...there is one frozen drink that is better than a Slurpee.  The recipe is being withheld...for now.

Jack Johnson: great singer/guitar player.  There is nothing better than lying in the hammock with Kendra, sharing a fuzzbuzz and listening to a little "banana pancakes."

Quietly making noise,