theMT Recommendations - July 06

It has been a busy summer...a busy month...but we've tried a few more treats that we liked...

Pirates of the Caribbean, Part Two: I stopped recommending movies a long time ago.  It seems there are many homeschoolers with opinions toward film and I'm not recommending that you go see this movie.  I'm just saying that I liked this movie...saavy?

French Exchange Students
: Not all students...just ours.  Elise was with us for nearly two months - it was a great experience that is worthy of it's own blog.

Crackling Cactus: This is a firework that was a smash at this year's event.  Remember, in California, we have to use these wimpy fireworks - nothing big or in the air... 

Flora Springs Wines
: We spent our 15th anniversary in Napa Valley.  I was able to make it by FS for another great tasting.  I recommend their estate wines, as well as a new winery they started called "Toad's Hall" which pours a great full bodied red called "Bodacious."

Cambazola: I am a lover of good flavors.  I used to work at a little bistro in the valley that served cheese and fruit boards and I fell in love with good cheeses.  Cambazola remains a favorite.  It is soft and creamy (like brie) with a streak of bleu cheese down the middle for some bite!

Quietly making noise,