The Good Ol' Days - Shasta Cola

This may strictly be a West-Coast phenomenon, but when it came to drinking soda pop, Shasta Soda was at the top of the heap back in the 1970's.  In our home, this was a staple beverage for every summertime gathering.  It must have been because it was so cheap, but we drank this stuff like water.

My personal favorite was Shasta Cream soda, but close runners up include Shasta Black Cherry and Shasta Strawberry.  I don't think I attended a pool party back in the 70's that didn't include a couple cases of Shasta soda floating on ice.  And the best part was the pull tab that we used as mock wedding rings and necklaces (by the way, this worked it's way into a "parental myth" because my folks would tell us not to put the tab into the can for fear that we'd swallow it and "rip open our stomachs" like that kid from Iowa did).

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