08 Do What You Love And Do It Often


I stole this one! I'm sorry. It was just too good to pass up. I found this slogan on the Holstee Manifesto (which if I haven't mentioned before, the HM was the motivating factor behind my own Fletchifesto). I even designed my manifesto after that one. I love this quote and I think it motivates many of my activities.

Do what you love and do it often. Simple.

Let me repeat it: Do what you love and do it often.

Want to know what people love? Just follow their Instagram feed. I posted my most recent Instagram photos below. Can you tell what I love? This is a live feed, so it will change based on when you read this blog post, but I think that's what Instagram is all about. A microblog of what people love and what they want others to know about themselves. (Expectation: I really don't know what you will see. Like I said, it depends on when you read this blog post. But, I would expect you to see a lot of photos of my kids, my dogs, pipe tobacco, coffee and anything that speaks about living a life on mission or adventure).

Be Purposeful.
Too often we are doing things we don't love. Out of necessity, perhaps. When I can, I like to remedy that situation. and reverse the equation. Discover what you love, do what you love and do it often. I think you will find that you will enjoy life more. Hard times and difficult seasons in my life have often been navigated by the islands with "harbors of what I love" in between.

Try it. I promise your life will become more liveable and more positive.

Quietly making noise,