12 A Little Nonsense Is Okay

I am continuing down the Fletchifesto and I cannot think of a better example in my year where this next philosophical statement plays out in real life more than September 19th. Yes, I have reached that point in my life creed/manifesto where I get to share one of my absolute favorite quotes:


How does that relate to September 19th? I would hope that most of the loyal readers of theMangoTimes would recognize the picture above and know this date by heart. The Fletcher family honors and celebrates the 19th of September every year. This year I began planning at the turn of the new year. Typically I am planning everything from clothing to personal grooming to potential travel. Parties are scheduled. Dental patients are shuffled. To say that September 19th holds more value to me than my birthday is a gross understatement.

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

It is one thing to commit to talking like a pirate. It's quite another to also dress like a pirate. You know your are committed to the celebration when you go on to actually act like a pirate and get involved with general piratey shenanigans.

Employment in my office requires participation too! There are two rules at my office. You can be a pirate or a wench. Normal clothes and behavior are not an option. From clothing, to music, to inappropriate commentary...it's a pirate's life for us!

Black Beard and His Crew - Fletcher Dentistry Talk Like A Pirate Day

Black Beard and His Crew - Fletcher Dentistry Talk Like A Pirate Day

I know what most of you are wondering: Why would a professional like Fletch choose to behave this way?

More than any other reason, I want my kids to remember that it's okay to enjoy a little nonsense in life. Face it, if you are choosing to live life as an adventure and enjoy the journey, you are most likely going to brush up against a little nonsense here and again and that is okay.

I love comedy. I love comedians. Growing up, Steve Martin was one of my comedy heroes. I memorized his routines word for word. He performed a well-crafted, well-timed, well-scripted version of nonsense. Robin Williams was a master too! However, unlike Steve Martin, he was off-script and allowed himself to run down a path of nonsense. He was brilliant.

Life is too short to always be proper and it's certainly fun to occasionally break stride and get silly. Check out this quote by Willy Wonka in the YouTube clip below. A little nonsense is okay. Are you with me?

Quietly making noise,