06 Open Your Mind And Heart

As I continue to explain why I created Fletchifesto, I want to pause and take a look at this quote. I was very intentional on including the idea of opening your mind and your heart to new people. This is why:

Open Your Mind

The opposite of opening your mind is to have a closed mind. When I think of "closed mindedness," I think of someone who has reached the end of their willingness to listen and learn. Do you know what I mean? Those people who make no leeway for thoughts or beliefs that are different than their own. The problem I see is that when we close our mind, we cease to grow.

Like many of these quotes, I included this one because I'd like to think I am someone who wants to continue to grow and understand the world I live in.  I want to continue learning and discovering different beliefs or thoughts.

Does that mean I am going to change my own core beliefs? Not necessarily, but being able to open your mind to what someone else thinks or believes will certainly allow you to understand them and where they are coming from. Choose the topic of the day: Politics? Religion? Sexual preference? Sports teams? or How to Best Parent a Child?  Understanding someone else and what they believe and how they got to that belief will only serve to help you understand them. One side benefit is taht it will also help you to understand and strengthen what you believe.

Open Your Heart


Have you ever used the phrase or heard someone say:  "I wrote that person off a long time ago." Essentially, you are declaring that redemption or restoration is unattainable. Is that the truth? I guess, if we've hardened our hearts enough we can keep relationships from repair or development.

That is no way to live. I understand that keeping your heart open leaves it vulnerable. I'm not saying that we should become doormats for abuse, but I think that this is exactly what God does with us. His heart and His love are always open to us to come to Him or to return to Him.

By the way, I'm horrible at this. Maybe it's the genetics of my sinful nature or my upbringing, but I have a hard time forgiving an offense. 

That's why these are on the list. Self-preaching here people!

Quietly making noise,