The Fletchifesto


For the last couple of years, I've noticed some very cool personal and corporate graphic manifestos online. Last summer, I began creating and designing my own manifesto. I wasn't trying to get super serious. I really just wanted to form a collection of quotes and sayings that shaped how I choose to live and make decisions.

I picked them up from popular sayings, music or organizations that I follow. These are simple quotes or sayings that I found myself often repeating. After collecting the quotes, I tried a few different designs and layouts. Then I had them printed out in several different versions/sizes that I pasted on the walls around my office to determine which colors, sizes, and shapes worked best. I landed on the one below, but I realize that manifestos do not necessarily have to be static. This version may be subject to change as newer quotes, sayings or designs rise to a level of importance in my life.

I handed a few out as Christmas cards and a few friends have asked me for copies, so I thought I would post and offer them here on theMangoTimes.  If these quotes inspire you or your New Year, let me know. I have created two different printed sizes available and I'll get them in your hands or on your walls.

Postcard Size and Small Poster Size.

Quietly making noise, 

I have completed blogging through each statement on the Fletchifesto. If you'd like to read tne conclusion and find all the blogposts in one location go here: The Fletchifesto Complete.