13 You Don't Know Everything


As I proceed down the Fletchifesto, I find the inclusion of this next statement to be a bit self-confessional and self-reflective. I have had to learn this lesson the hard way and it would probably serve me well to repeat the phrase:"You Don't Know Everything" to myself in the mirror every day of my life.

Think about teenagers. We love to joke that teenagers think they know everything, but that statement is essentially a reflection on their immaturity. The lesson and realization that they don't know everything often comes as they hit the first hard wall of adulthood. A broken relationship, illness, death, divorce, bankruptcy, terminated employment are all faithful tutors to teach us that we don't know it all. For some, multiple lessons over several years are required. Even so, unless you are humble in your reflection, you might still miss the lesson that you don't have it all figured out.

It reminds me of rafting. As you travel down the river, you have paddles to navigate the bends of the waterway. Paddles work well in the slower and calmer parts of the river when you are able to look ahead, make a plan, and propel yourself however you want. But when the river picks up speed and your raft really gets going, your tiny paddles won't be able to change the strength of the current. Where you thought you were going and where you end up are often different places. You don't know everything about river currents.

Likewise, you don't always get to control where life will take you or how someone will react. You don't know everything.

If you go to YouTube and watch someone without experience cutting down a large tree, you will find this lesson on display. Even the best plans can be thwarted. You don't know everything.

I started this post saying this was self-confessional and self-reflective. Here's the truth:  I spent too long thinking I knew it all. I didn't. I still don't.

In the meantime, I'll take one slice of humble pie over here, please. Can I get that with a scoop of life lessons and middle-age maturity? Thanks.

Quietly making noise,