RePost - Boo! It's Time For Christmas!

***Note: Sorry, I had to repost this topic again this year (original post and comments here)

Today, while working on a patient, I was humming and singing to the music in the background (at least i wasn't dancing) and I noticed the lyrics of this specific Christmas song by Andy Williams : "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" I don't know why I haven't noticed this ever before, but listen to what he sings in this line:


What's the deal here? Did you hear the same thing I did? There'll be scary ghost stories?
Who tells scary ghost stories at Christmas time? I don't...I tell the one about Jesus in the manger...the one about the angels and the shepherds, but I try to skip the scary ghost stories as we sit around the Christmas tree.
Sure...I occasionally tell them the story of Santa Claus (which is kind of scary...if you think about it...a fat bearded fellow landing on your roof and rummaging through your chimney is odd). But, I try to save the ghost stories for the kids that go to summer camp...

Quietly Making Noise,