The Andy Song

We had our annual office Christmas party last night. You know the party I'm talking about...where everyone stands around feeling uncomfortable and exchanging forced holiday pleasantries.

Yeah that's the way we do things around here.

We're talking about my office here. We had a full house of staff and husbands for a night of great food and great fun. The events of the evening included a two-table Texas HoldEm tournament, staff karaoke, and then late night/early morning action on the dance floor!

"Thankfully it was fake money"

The highlight of the evening for me was the Christmas gift given to me by my staff (even my dad and mom got in on the surprise!). Due to my love for the music of Jon Troast, they all arranged for Jon to create a song about me. I was very surprised to crank up the music and hear an entire song about my life!

Yes, my staff rocks! Yes, my parents are crafty! Yes, I was surprised! And...yes...I think this song is going to be a big big hit!

Quietly making noise,
A crazy and serious Fletch


The Andy Song