Dinner at Phil's

A quick trip to Santa Cruz for a New Year planning weekend.  Kenj and I got caught up on some long overdue paperwork and school discussions.  We capped the night with a quick trip to refuel at our favorite seafood restaurant on the coast.  Phil's Fish Market claims to serve the best cioppino in the world (Phil proved it by beating Bobby Flay on Throwdown).  I have to agree that it's pretty dang close to the best I've had. 

Ten out of ten Fletchers agree that Phil's is a worthy stop when you are visting the central coast.  Tucked in and amongst the fisheries and docks in Moss Landing, CA (look for the smoke stacks between Santa Cruz and Monterey) you will find this warehouse/market/restaurant.  It's first come, first serve...never any reservations.  It tends to get packed by dinnertime, so plan accordingly.  We give it 5 out of 5 stars!


Quietly making noise,