Ridiculous Candy #13 - Tapeworm Candy, again

The new and improved "gummy" tapeworm

I have already posted about this ridiculous candy before. However, it is apparent that the last version of this intestinal snack was so wildly successful that they needed to repackage this treat. They have made some changes with this new version, let's consider what has improved:

* It is no longer gum, now it is "gummy" - not sure if this is an improvement or not. I'll admit that gummy is more like a worm, but consider the marketing and sales opportunity they've lost. If they kept this as gum, they could try to sell kids on the idea that if you actually swallow the tapeworm gum you get to enjoy the whole seven years it lives in your digestive tract (just like real tapeworms!). They could even sell follow-up "Tapeworm Food" (TicTacs).

* It is now vacuum packed - total improvement, because now you get to see the real deal. This is not just a cartoon tapeworm on the front of the package. Now, you get the full visual experience before laying down your cash on the counter. I love how this is a lobular brown mass superimposed on a cartoon pink intestine - mmmm yumm!

* It is now Apple Flavored - Improvement, I guess...although what flavor is a tape-worm? They could have really wowed us and made it Cranberry Apple flavor (Crapple?).

* It is now 19 inches long - Total Improvement. I fully assume the next version to be bigger (think: pixie stix and then jumbo pixie stix).

I didn't take a picture, but the back of the packaging contains "Tape Worm Facts." Clearly, this candy should appeal to those of us in the homeschool crowd that love to learn in all situations (even when you are eating lower digestive tract themed parasitic candy): "Hey Mom! (with candy tape worm stuck to teeth), did you know that tape worms can grow up to 30 feet long?"

Quietly Making Noise,