Braniac Inventions, #1


I wonder why no one has thought about people-sized paper towels?  Think about get out of the shower and right next to the door, is a big roll of huge paper bath towels.  You could rip them off the perforation and then wrap yourself in the "quilted quicker-picker upper" Bounty, or for the men that are reading, consider drying with a jumbo Brawny towel!  When you are done, there is no cleanup, no laundry...just large wadded up balls of paper sitting in the garbage (or "near" the garbage can...if you live with a husband like me.)

Always fresh, always dry, and quite possibly in a variety of colors and prints that match your bathroom.

And that's not the best part...consider the size of the cardboard tube you would have when you finished the roll!  my boys would love that part!  The only negative aspect would be if you lived with someone who doesn't replace the empty roll...

So, what about you?  Any great inventions you've wanted to bring up and haven't had the time?  share them with us!

Quietly making noise,