Parental Myths #6: Cold Weather Leads to Illness

Parental Myth #6 :  Cold Weather Leads to Illness

Once again, let's begin by looking at the method to their madness :  In the winter there are more colds, so they assume that air temperature/conditions are the cause of colds and flu.  And how do they begin their assault?  with a typical parental statement,  "You better put on a sweater, I don't want you to catch cold..."
Straight and simple, sickness is not caused by temperature fluctuation in your body.

You may ask yourself, how do I (a dentist) know this?  Easy.  Several years ago I was watching an old Geraldo episode.  He allowed himself to be placed in a deep freezer for an extended period of time.  His core body temperature dropped, he then exercised in the freezer (causing himself to sweat extensively) and then he cooled down in the freezer.  He even slept in the freezer (in a sleeping bag) and then walked out to be observed for several days.  Voila!  No nuthin'.  Any 1st year med student can tell you that viruses/bacteria cause infection.

Now...I will offer this side point for parents everywhere :  rest and warmth (try saying this word without pronouncing a "p," which doesn't even exist in the spelling) will help you recover and I wouldn't recommend lawn mowing in the nude when you have a sore throat.  But, in the absence of viral activity, a blustery day without an umbrella/jacket will not cause illness.

So, this winter join me in my underwear as I dance through puddles, roller skate in your bikini this January, or as you prepare to leave the house and you hear that little voice...ignore it and go sweater-less.

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