Parental Myths #5: Eyesight and Television

Parental Myth #5  "You Will Go Blind If You Sit Too Close To The Television"

I hate to overwork all of the eyesight myths, but it appears that your parents have again given you all some rather poor advice in the area of vision protection.

No.  You won't go blind. Your eyes may become fatigued due to over stimulation of the rods and cones by bright lights, but you most definitely will not go blind. I don't know the fascination with sitting close to the television anyhow. (Same people that enjoy the front row at the theatre, I guess). It is much more enjoyable from a distance, but then again, I don't believe anyone should be watching enough tv to warrant ocular fatigue. (Okay, go ahead and say it. "Fletch, you know more about television shows than anyone I know"). True, I was privledged to see my share of television as a child and young adult (the 1970's were a fantastic decade of television and movies), but as an adult I realize that tv is an enormous "couch potato waste of time.."

Furthermore, sitting close to a tv is no different from sitting too close to your computer monitor as you read this blog. (Don't get snarky with me...).

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