Chikin' Shed Winery

One of my favorite additions to our little chunk of land in the central valley was the addition of 100 vines of zinfandel grapes. My dad has taken on the roll of ranch manager and has made it his personal project to grow the best grapes and make the best wine ever produced in the California soil. Watch out Ernest and Julio, there's a new Italian in Modesto and he's ready to make some wine.

Water levels, pruning techniques, the time of crush, the sugars in the berries, are all part of his perfect formula for turning a vineyard into a delightful glass of wine.

Below are some photos of the 2012 harvest. We hope to have you join us on the back porch for some hand made Italian pizza and Central Valley Chikin' Shed Zin this year.

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If You Give A Dad An iPhone


My mother has been using an iPhone for the past few years. She gets it. She knows how to use her email and knows how to send a text message. You know? She gets the basics.

Recently she upgraded to a newer version and she gave her old phone to my dad. I'm not sure if you felt the endothermic reaction that took place recently in hell, but in the blink of an eye my 81 year old father has entered the world of text messaging, and hell has apparently frozen over.

Take a peek at the screenshot. I had the privilege of sharing the first text message with my father. It was nothing special, just a nine hour conversation that covered the basics. We'll keep working on it. :)

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How the West Was Won

File this under "Things I Love About Grandparents." The memories that are built with grandparents have ranged from shopping trips, to train rides, to golf adventures and motorhome excursions. We love our parents and the time they spend with our kids.


Sheriff Christian, Whisky Joe, and the Sagebrush Girls
(Don't mess with the law!) 

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