Parental Myths #7: Raw Dough and Worms

Parental Myth #7:  Eating Raw Dough Will Give You Worms

This one is fairly straight forward.  We know that the raw eggs in dough can cause salmonella (yes a nasty sickness, vile indeed).  But, the raw cookie dough will not inoculate you with intestinal parasites, nor saturate you with squirmy worms.  If you want my personal opinion, this myth was started by a frustrated mother.  While trying to get children to leave her alone in the kitchen, she finally had enough.  Rather than lose her cool with these little ones she probably blurted out something like, "I told you to keep your fingers out of the cookie dough.  If you eat that stuff before it's cooked, it will give you worms."  And thus, the genesis of yet another parental myth. E'nuf said

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