MightyJoe Shops, No REALLY it worked this time

Up to this point, I've shared the Alexa shopping list. Remember, these lists doesn't really go anywhere. It just creates a shopping list on my Amazon account. In no way will I ever buy anything from MightyJoe's list. Poopy poop poop poop? Are you kidding me?

However, we've discovered other weaknesses in our defenses. Do you remember a post I did previously about the AppleTV remote? I mentioned that Joe has a fondness for remote controls and hiding them. 

Since we moved into our new home, we installed X-Finity cable television and they gave us a smart remote. You can speak your commands into the remote and through voice activation it searches for whatever you ask.


As it turns out, MightyJoe, who is smarter than he ever gets credit for, has learned how to use this remote control like a champ!

A few things to note:
1. When you see On Demand purchase like this, you realize there can only be one culprit.
2. Newest house rule: Joe may not hold a remote control.
3. We now own On Demand access to four great episodes of Peppa Pig. (One episode was purchased twice).

Yes, XFinity was kind enough to reverse the charges. 

Quietly making noise,

MightyJoe Shops, Part 5 - Being Bad

In a previous post, I shared how many times MightyJoe is not actually shopping, but having a conversation with Alexa.  This is another one of those times.

If you look at the date stamps on the shopping list, you will see that the top entry is accurate, because it is in fact a November Day. 

Thus, thee second entry is a tiny bit off. Because it is definitely not Halloween, but if you have a special needs child, you might recognize that holidays can be obsessed about for weeks prior to the event and then remembered for weeks after the event. Bags of candy? Costumes? Yeah, Halloween almost undid MightyJoe (and Kendra!). So, +/- six days is fairly accurate.

It also looks like Joe was looking for someone to spend time with, but clearly Kendra was sick (probably sick of hearing him go on and on about Halloween no doubt) and Jack was busy playing Star Wars.

It's the next two entries that really intrigue me. You see on October 13th Mom is the great girl, but it's also the day we found out that "Can Wine is the best girl in the whole wide world"

Finally, and don't miss this my reader, we have another stroke of genius by MighyJoe. You see when MJ needs to calm down or he's out of control and making bad decisions we have him rest on a giant purple bean bag chair with some calm-down toys, his blanket and a few favorite stuffed animals. It's a great therapeutic place and he often falls asleep there.

Maybe though, in his little mind, the place you sit to calm down and refocus your energy is not the bean bag, but it's the place where you go when you are "being bad."  I can see the confusion. I need a "being bad" chair sometimes too.

Quietly making noise,

MightyJoe Shops, Part 4 - Remotes

I feel like a lot of the examples I share with you in the MightyJoe Shops category are just created by Joe playing around with Alexa and  knowing that she'll repeat back to him whatever he says. Thus the fascination with poop. When everyone else is ignoring you as an 8yr old boy, I bet it's entertaining to think that "the woman in the speaker" will talk to you.

However, with this specific entry in the category, I believe MightyJoe was actually looking for some help. I feel like this shopping request came on the heels of some discipline.

Here's the deal: It was an everyday occurence that MJ would be controlling the AppleTV and subsequently hiding the Apple remote from his siblings. The only problem is that he would also hide the remote from his own little brain. Over the years, we have wasted hours of our lives trying to find these remote controls.

 Do you know why? Because in all of Apple's great designs, they did not consider how easy it is to lose these thin-slivered remote controls. They are thin enough to slide into areas of a couch or cushion and be gone FOREVER. In fact, I put my own brain together and created a "Special Needs Kid Apple TV Remote." I published it on Instagram and tagged Apple in the post. Apple did not contact me.

Special Needs AppleTV Remote Control

Special Needs AppleTV Remote Control

I had a few design flaws with mine as well. I allowed my strong points to be painters tape and simple knots. This device was promptly taken apart and the paddle, fluorescent rope and remote control were all lost individually by MightyJoe.

Realizing he had once again lost the remote,  I can see Joe sneaking down to the kitchen and begging Alexa to get him a new Apple remote before he was discovered. Again, probably not as brain injured as we give him credit.

Quietly making noise,

(NOTE: When we moved earlier this year, we found 3Apple TVs and 4 remotes. I think he was successful in getting one shipped to the house).

MightyJoe Shops, Part 3 - Canned Wine

Again, let's remember that MightyJoe is an 8yr old boy. As I continue to post these updates to his shopping list, you will discover a regular trend in his shopping habits. They all tend to revolve around poop and farts. I'm not sure if you can buy poop on Amazon Prime.

Also, based on the weight, I assume the shipping would be almost free for a poop fart. Actually, it might be confusing to receive a poop fart, because you wouldn't know which container holds the poop fart and which container is just the air bubble packaging that Amazon loves to use in their packaging. I'd be super disappointed to pop the air packs and find out I let my poop fart out.

Second, I'm pretty sure that when you ask for one hundred pennies, you could shave a ton off the shipping expense by just asking for a dollar.

Lastly, Alexa sometimes has difficulty understanding what MightyJoe is saying. I'm sure people often shop for Canned Wine. Apparently on October 13th, Caroline did something great, because MJ wanted Alexa to know that she was the best girl in the whole wide world. If not that, then we apparently had a drunk person in our house saying lovely words to their can of wine.

The list only gets better my friends. Stay tuned for the next update.

Quietly making noise,

MightyJoe Shops, Part 2 - More Joe

MightyJoe is going to turn 9 in May. I think that even though his body is growing, his mind is still going to remain committed to the things most little boys want.  His shopping list is a good reflection of everything good in his world.

One hundred pizzas? Umh, yes. Sign me up for that one. Also, I'm on board for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm pretty certain he included the chocolate soup after watching Willy Wonka 100 times in a row.

But...Amazon if you are listening. We don't need another Joe. Please don't send another Joe. We have all the Joes that we need.

Quietly making noise,