MightyJoe Shops, Part 4 - Remotes

I feel like a lot of the examples I share with you in the MightyJoe Shops category are just created by Joe playing around with Alexa and  knowing that she'll repeat back to him whatever he says. Thus the fascination with poop. When everyone else is ignoring you as an 8yr old boy, I bet it's entertaining to think that "the woman in the speaker" will talk to you.

However, with this specific entry in the category, I believe MightyJoe was actually looking for some help. I feel like this shopping request came on the heels of some discipline.

Here's the deal: It was an everyday occurence that MJ would be controlling the AppleTV and subsequently hiding the Apple remote from his siblings. The only problem is that he would also hide the remote from his own little brain. Over the years, we have wasted hours of our lives trying to find these remote controls.

 Do you know why? Because in all of Apple's great designs, they did not consider how easy it is to lose these thin-slivered remote controls. They are thin enough to slide into areas of a couch or cushion and be gone FOREVER. In fact, I put my own brain together and created a "Special Needs Kid Apple TV Remote." I published it on Instagram and tagged Apple in the post. Apple did not contact me.

Special Needs AppleTV Remote Control

Special Needs AppleTV Remote Control

I had a few design flaws with mine as well. I allowed my strong points to be painters tape and simple knots. This device was promptly taken apart and the paddle, fluorescent rope and remote control were all lost individually by MightyJoe.

Realizing he had once again lost the remote,  I can see Joe sneaking down to the kitchen and begging Alexa to get him a new Apple remote before he was discovered. Again, probably not as brain injured as we give him credit.

Quietly making noise,

(NOTE: When we moved earlier this year, we found 3Apple TVs and 4 remotes. I think he was successful in getting one shipped to the house).