MightyJoe Shops, Part 3 - Canned Wine

Again, let's remember that MightyJoe is an 8yr old boy. As I continue to post these updates to his shopping list, you will discover a regular trend in his shopping habits. They all tend to revolve around poop and farts. I'm not sure if you can buy poop on Amazon Prime.

Also, based on the weight, I assume the shipping would be almost free for a poop fart. Actually, it might be confusing to receive a poop fart, because you wouldn't know which container holds the poop fart and which container is just the air bubble packaging that Amazon loves to use in their packaging. I'd be super disappointed to pop the air packs and find out I let my poop fart out.

Second, I'm pretty sure that when you ask for one hundred pennies, you could shave a ton off the shipping expense by just asking for a dollar.

Lastly, Alexa sometimes has difficulty understanding what MightyJoe is saying. I'm sure people often shop for Canned Wine. Apparently on October 13th, Caroline did something great, because MJ wanted Alexa to know that she was the best girl in the whole wide world. If not that, then we apparently had a drunk person in our house saying lovely words to their can of wine.

The list only gets better my friends. Stay tuned for the next update.

Quietly making noise,