Where did the name come from?


This is an easy one. Back in the 90's, I used to read a newsletter that was published by Jimmy Buffett called "The Coconut Telegraph." The newsletter contained articles about his songs, instructions on how to make the perfect margarita, and assorted other items from my favorite musician. The name of Buffett's newsletter was based on one of his songs by the same name. In the song, Jimmy sings about a fake gossip column that chronicles all the weekend happenings in a small island community. The gist – you didn’t want to end up with your name mentioned in “The Coconut Telegraph”. You can listen to a clip of the song here!

I always liked the idea of “theCoconutTelegraph” where I could share juicy gossip and funny family adventures that would make my readers laugh, but I didn’t want to just steal the name of an existing newsletter. I decided to keep with the tropical theme and at the same time, pay homage to another Jimmy Buffett song, “The Last Mango In Paris” so I combined both of them and came up with theMangoTimes. I added my own personal flair by keeping it one-word and only capitalizing the M and the T. That’s how you know it’s original material from theMT and not some cheap knockoff (yeah right, as if anyone would ever take the time out of their life to be a “knock-off” of theMT).

Also, one other funny fact I like to mention when talking about theMangoTimes…I don’t like mangos. I like coconuts, pineapples, papayas, passionfruit, kiwi, and any other tropical fruit that goes into a drink…but I’ve never been fond of the mango – they are too bitter or something. It works for my blog, but don’t buy me one thinking I’ll be excited. I won't.