Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - Roadside Memorials

I love this show. It is only available online, but Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is a perfect recipe for me. Coffee? Seinfeld? Hello, that's a slam dunk!

Jerry is still as great as ever and his guests are some of the funniest people on the face of the planet. Season Three was released today with Louis C.K. as Jerry's first guest. I realize I have waited two seasons to mention this show, but something happened in the first episode today that reminded me just why the show deserves mention on theMangoTimes.

Watch the whole episode, or just go ahead and forward to the 6:20 mark for a perfect blend of Mangocomedy.

"C'mon…must we all get bummed…everyday…back and forth to work? Sometimes it just doesn't work out."

Quietly making noise,

The "Letter to the Editor" I did not send...

Well, it finally happened. This morning I picked up The Modesto Bee (our local "news" paper - HA!) and found an editorial written on the subject of roadside memorials. I realize that this subject comes up a lot on this blog, but if you drove my route to work everyday to see the shrine I've written about in the may be agreeing with me...

Anyhow, I wanted to write a letter to the editor, but after some coaxing from my wife I decided to not send it. She pointed out that this could be one of those issues that people are highly opinionated about, and my opinion could be viewed as simply too offensive and heartless. But, I needed to vent on this issue, so I am including my letter to the editor here...where I don't always say the most popular things. Here it is below:

"Dear Editors,
I realize that I am probably in the minority on this one, but I could not disagree more with Mr. Bultena's article (8/31/07) and his fondness for roadside memorials. Don't get me wrong, I think remembering the dead and having memorials can be all well and good. I also have no big issue with remembering the spot where a traffic accident occurred. It is possible that this will even cause others to drive safely. I'm even fine with the cross, the candles, the flowers and the teddy bears, but does it need to remain there forever?
Our community has a place to remember the dead. It's called a cemetery or a memorial garden. I realize other cultures are very happy to build well tended death shrines and even visit that spot daily. In my opinion, these ongoing shrines (complete with candles, flowers, photos and teddybears) need to find their way into a cemetery and off our commuting roadways."

Quietly making noise,

Oh!...It Gets Worse...

Thanks to Paul, Shane and a few dislike for roadside memorials has been rekindled. But, I have an announcement to make...I have found something worse than a roadside cross with Jesus candles and teddy bears. Yes, you heard me correctly...I have found something worse...and I found it in the last place I thought to look.

Instead of throwing up the cross/candle memorial, the family of Robert Gamboa has invented what I would consider to be a unique "memorial." Let me explain...tonight I took Kendra on a "working date." (that is the type of date where you go out to share an ice cream together, but then you also go get gas in the car and drop by the supermarket to get some food shopping done without kids!). Anyhow, let me explain how Mr. Gamboa enters the story...while we were watching the clerk scan our food in the check-out line of the grocery store, Kendra picked up a can of pinto beans to show me something that she knew I would like...

Since I didn't have my camera with me at the grocery store, we reenacted the experience when we got home and I caught it in on film.

In this first picture, notice Kendra turning the oversize can of Teasdale's Primera Calidad pinto beans. She is doing this so you can read what is on the back of the can.


You would think that she is showing you the nutritional content or packaging information right? Well, right under the ingredients and above the included recipe for "Robert's Salsa Beans" recipe you will find both a picture and a small memorial for Robert.


That's right, this man has his memorial on a 108oz can of pinto beans. I can now die peacefully, because not only have I seen car window gangsta memorials, mall t-shirt memorials, but I have travelled to the end of the memorial universe and returned. I do not want anyone remembering me when they open and cook with a can of pinto beans. I beg you...if I go...please put me on an ice cream box or a bottle of wine...but not pinto beans.

Quietly making noise,

Roadside Memorials - Revisited

I've written about roadside memorials in the past and how much I don't like them. Well, in my previous post, I included photos of the memorial at that time. Well, I need to take another picture...because not only is the memorial still there, and not only have they poured concrete to hold the cross in place, but they have now planted a tree. So we are stuck with a perpetual reminder of this woman's tragic end.
Again, if I memorials! And, if I get the chance...I'll drop by tomorrow and get a picture of the evergreen tree.

Quietly making noise,