Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - Roadside Memorials

I love this show. It is only available online, but Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is a perfect recipe for me. Coffee? Seinfeld? Hello, that's a slam dunk!

Jerry is still as great as ever and his guests are some of the funniest people on the face of the planet. Season Three was released today with Louis C.K. as Jerry's first guest. I realize I have waited two seasons to mention this show, but something happened in the first episode today that reminded me just why the show deserves mention on theMangoTimes.

Watch the whole episode, or just go ahead and forward to the 6:20 mark for a perfect blend of Mangocomedy.

"C'mon…must we all get bummed…everyday…back and forth to work? Sometimes it just doesn't work out."

Quietly making noise,