Enjoy The Journey

This is one of the items I included on my list because it is advice that I often forget to follow myself. I know life is a journey and I preach to others regularly that life is a journey. I love adventure and I love change, but when the journey get's hard, I'm the first one who will forget to actually enjoy the journey. This blog post is written to myself. I need the reminder often.

Here's how I see things when it comes to this quote. The first thing to remember is this: Life is, in fact, a journey. That's what I love about the C.S. Lewis quote above. We need to view the occasional stops along the journey as inns, not homes. We are expected to keep moving. My wife often tells me and others who will listen: "This is not heaven."  In other words, stop your griping. We live in a broken world. Allow me to break this point down a little more for you. First, don't stop and get too comfortable (read: complacent) at any point along the path. I think that is the major point of the Lewis quote. Second, and this is where I need to listen, when circumstances cause the journey to become difficult, don't dwell in discouragement. Too many people around us can get stuck because life threw them a curve ball. Life is a journey. You are a sojourner. Acknowledge the disappointment, but keep moving. 

The second thing to remember about this quote is this: Remember to enjoy the journey. By this I mean, enjoy life. I choose to wrap my body in clothing that preaches: Life is Good. In the grand scheme you need to enjoy the journey that God has put you on. When I think about people who do this well, I recall people like: Joni Eareckson Tada or Horatio Spafford who both were able to bring glory to God and millions of others despite a drastic change in their journey.

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul.
— Horatio Spafford

Lastly, I have found great fun in realizing that everything in life can be seen as an adventure within the journey of life. This concept changes everything I do. Running errands with my kids, a shopping trip, chores are all no longer things we have to do. Instead, these are adventures that we want to do together. Adventure sounds better and it encourages you to enjoy the time together.

I know I need this encouragement. How about you? Are you stuck in discouragement? Are you just plugging along and forgetting to enjoy your journey? Tell me about it in the comment section below. Let's encourage and remind each other to enjoy the journey.

Quietly making noise,



Andy Fletcher

Andy "Fletch" Fletcher has been married for the past 22 years. He and his wife Kendra are the proud parents of five sons and three daughters, all of whom keep them laughing and on their toes. During the day he can be found fixing people's teeth, but in his spare time you can find Fletch stretching out a pair of flip-flops, creating a new pizza recipe, playing the drums, or rescuing a piece of his tie-dye wardrobe from his wife's donation pile. You can find him online where he writes on his personal blog: theMangoTimes and cohosts with his wife on the HomeschoolingIRL.com podcast.