Dropping Nate At College

I wrote a blog post over at Homeschooling In Real Life today. I shared a little of my experience dropping Nate off at college and the advice I gave to him as we parted ways. Are you wondering what we talked about?

Let me give you a hint. It's Fletch, all my conversations boil down to the same thing: The Gospel.

Click on the picture to read: What I Said To My Son When I Dropped Him Off At College.

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Homeschooling In Real Life - The Website

I am very excited to announce that Homeschooling In Real Life has found a new home for itself on the web. HomeschoolingIRL.com was publicly launched this evening. 

The Podcast And More

After launching our podcast in September with great success, we decided to create an all-in-one location for everything HomeschoolingIRL. As part of the network, the HomeschoolingIRL podcast will continue to be hosted on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, but this site will provide cohesion for this new venture.

Aside from the podcast, Kendra and I will begin blogging on this new site. We will focus on homeschooling, but you can expect this blog to mimic the podcast. We will be open, transparent, and witty as we blog through the topics most homeschoolers like to avoid. Expect to be encouraged in the gospel and pushed toward living in the freedom that Christ brings.

Pop on over and take a look. Let me know what you think.

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Homeschooling In Real Life Interview

The Homeschooling In Real Life podcast is off and rolling with great success. We were very excited to find out that HomeschoolingIRL was ranked in the Top Ten for iTunes Educational podcasts. On top of that, It's also been very fun to sit across the microphone from each other to record and discuss some tricky topics.

We were recently interviewed by the producer of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network about what we mean by Homeschooling In Real Life. What is it like when Fletch and Kenj are on the hot seat and have to answer the questions? Click on the image below to listen to the interview:

The HomeschoolingIRL podcast airs every other Friday night at 8PMEST on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Follow this link to go directly to the HomeschoolingIRL page, where you can download any of our completed shows. We are also listed here in the iTunes store. If you want more information on our podcast you can follow us on Twitter at @homeschoolirl or on Facebook at Facebook.com/homeschoolingirl.

Tune in. Check us out. Join our conversation.

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