Storyville Live - Music + Coffee = Freedom

A few months ago, I was approached by Storyville Coffee Company to host a live concert in my home. Since I have already hosted a few concerts before with our favorite in-home performer, Jon Troast, we seemed like a perfect match. This concert is a little different, because it is not just about great music, because the purpose is to spotlight a ministry called International Justice Mission.

Storyville Coffee has created an experience called Storyville Live.
From their website: "A Storyville Live concert is an opportunity for an evening of music, coffee, and community unlike any other. Our coming together also creates an opportunity to bring freedom to the millions of people around the world that are trapped in the atrocity of human trafficking. There are 27 million people today that are in slavery — not in slave-like conditions, in actual slavery. 27 million. We couldn’t believe it. We’re partnered with International Justice Mission, an organization that has created a blueprint to end slavery in our lifetime. The two main barriers are lack of awareness and lack of resources. Storyville Live provides both. By hosting or attending a concert, you're making a difference."

It is our mission to put slavery out of business for good.

Our specific concert is being hosted on Saturday, June 19th. We are excited to welcome the featured musician, Pierce Pettis. Your ticket includes the concert, dessert and coffee...what a deal! See the images for details and concert code! We would love you to join us!

Quietly making noise,

March Update

theMT took an hiatus while the last three months flew by...once again our plans were dramatically halted. This time it was a squiggly little appendix that exploded in Caroline's belly. Along the way we've celebrated a few birthdays, eaten a bunch of good food, listened to some great tunes, took a few trips, and I can't believe we are knocking on the beginning of April - phew!

The Concert
Jon Troast returned for a second living room concert. This one was inside our house and we tallied about 125 guests in our living room/dining room/entry way. The highlight of the evening was getting a live performance of The Andy Song - take a listen! Jon played several of his favorites and introduced us to his new album - Living Room. If you haven't had a chance to hear his new album, give it a listen and then give it a purchase! I guarantee that if you like theMangoTimes, then you will LOVE Jon's music. His music is what theMT is all about. Great stuff as always from our favorite travelling musician!

Furniture removed from the dining/living rooms


Jon packs them in and right up the stairs!


They paid extra for the balcony seats

Thomas the Tank Engine chugged in to celebrate Christian's third birthday. This particular birthday lasted about a week as we had several days to prepare for the party and several days to rehash the details of the party he had. :)
Hayden and Nate turned 17 and 15 last week and we had what felt like a weekend of "constanteenagers" through our home. The cupboards were bare by Sunday night, but we enjoyed having this migrating mass of teens through our place.

Turning Three at In-n-Out

The Olympics
Did you know that most of life stops in the MangoHouse when the Olympics begin? We reconnected satellite television. We adjusted the bedtimes of our children. We became experts on bobsled ergonomics, we learned the Canadian national anthem, and suddenly started throwing around terms like McTwist.

Photo taken on the opening day of the games!

Personally, I would stop whatever I was doing to watch Apolo Ohno skate and suddenly found myself at odds with the entire nation of South Korea during short track competition.

I won a gold medal for crab consumption with my Apolo beard!

San Antonio, TX
I had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, Texas to see our good friend Nathan Davis graduate from USAF basic military training at Lackland AFB.

Congratulations to Airmen Nathan Davis

It was my first experience watching a military graduation and I was quite impressed with the precision and training provided in the USAF. Nathan graduated with honors which allowed him freedom all weekend to spend time with his family and friends. I enjoyed taking in the sights around San Antonio with him and I am excited to see what God has in store for this young man as he begins his career in the miliatry!

The rest of the time in San Antonio was visiting with the good people at Covenant of Grace Church. Although we have only met them a few times in real life, God has orchestrated a fun connection for our family with the Warren, Russell and Slaughter families. I was treated to some warm fellowship, tasty bbq and joyful worship with their families.

Napa Valley
One of my favorite things about being a dentist is the opportunity to travel for education. This year my implant study-club traveled to Calistoga in the Napa Valley Wine Country. On the way there, we stopped in at Wine Wizards to pay homage to our first place of employment as a young married couple.

The Wiz, Stockton, CA

The rest of the weekend was spent at a newer spa/resort called Solage (recommended if you are looking for a leisure getaway in the Napa Valley). It provided a few days of great retreat and relaxation. We slept in late, we ate well, we read, we walked and we enjoyed the beauty of spring time in the wine country.

Kendra's New Home


Lunch for two at Bouchon in Yountville!

Potty Training, Spring Break, Weight Loss, Home Made Music and a whole bunch of Beer
To wrap things up in this issue of theMT, let me touch on a few small things happening around Mangoland lately.
Houston, We Have Liftoff!: While I was gone in San Antonio, Kendra decided to potty train Christian. We have gone through a few bags of Jelly Bellies and he's doing very well at keeping up his end of the deal. He requires a full bathroom inspection prior to each "sit down" (beginning signs of OCD maybe?), but it is working!
Kids Gone Wild!: We are taking a week off from school and allowing the kids to travel down to Palm Springs and the beaches of Mexico for Spring Break with the rest of the California teenagers and college students...well, not really...but Kendra and I would like to do that.
Biggest Loser: Did I mention that my wife is wasting away to nothing? She is a workout machine and serving up delightful menus at the same time. I am giving up my membership in the SLC (sedentary lifestyle club) and joining her on a goal to drop a few pounds (actually more than a few pounds...come to think of it, I could probably lose enough weight for an entire person) and get our bodies more active. She is already ridiculously thin, but our goal: bikinis and board shorts on the beach in Maui. Well, not really...but I would personally prefer to look more like a surfer and less like a tiki idol or Buddha.
Homemade Music: The boys have been playing a lot of live music lately. Nate is playing the guitar very well (doing his best to mimic Lennon or Cash). We purchased Hayden a djembe drum, so we are waiting to see what he can pound out on that. Along with their buddy JP, we've enjoyed hearing and seeing them play in a few venues.

Tasty Suds: Fish Hook Brewery has now successfully brewed and bottled Red Ale, Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Blueberry Wheat, and a tasty Holiday Ale that provided some Christmas cheer for a few good folks! If you are in the area, please swing by for a sampling! Fish Hook Brewery: One sip and you are hooked!

Lastly, publication of theMangoTimes will be directly affected by the final episodes of the television show LOST. Sorry, but I have to line up my priorities right now. After six years, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and the rest of the Losties are making it off the island...or are they? The boys and I are faithful devotees to the final episodes (don't call between 10-11PM on Tuesday nights). your comments've made your point loud and clear!

Missed you all and I'm glad to be back...

Quietly making noise,

Advent in the Barn

Jolly We welcome you to come over on Friday, Nov 27th for "Advent in the Barn," where we kick off the Christmas season in the right direction. Join us for a Christmas movie, hot beverages, carol singing, and a challenge to think differently during the holidays.

Aside from having fun with a great movie, we want to spotlight a way for you and your family to reconsider the meaning of Christmas. Last year we introduced our guests to The Advent Conspiracy and we challenged people to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All. In a practical sense, we encouraged folks to invest in fresh water projects around the world. Here is the promo video in case you missed it last year:

I am still passionate about providing clean water, but this year we are moving our focus in a slightly different direction that strikes closer to home. You'll have to show up to find out. But, even if you can't make it over for a movie in our barn, I would love it if you would consider supporting the Advent Conspiracy.

If you want to join us, here are the DETAILS:

Date: Friday, November 27, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: The Fletcher Barn
REMEMBER TO BRING: Your own chairs, warm blankets/clothes, , and your favorite mug (the barn is chilly at night!). We will provide the movie, hot drinks, and a few light snacks.

RSVP - If you are coming, please let us know to expect you!

Quietly Making Noise,

Independence Day Traditions


"The 2007 cake"

For the last half dozen years, we have maintained the tradition of getting together with my best friend (he has a blog, but I refuse to link to it anymore, because he doesn't update it I keep linking to this funny picture of him) and his family to celebrate the Fourth of July.  We do the same thing most people do:


We eat watermelon


"Up, up and away!"


"To infinity...and beyond!"


"Waiting for the water balloon to arrive"


"Houston...we have a problem..."


My best friend setting up the fireworks

Then of course we have a tradition that is somewhat unique to our that has kids preparing for weeks prior to the event, with much off-season training/strategizing/and discussion...of course I am speaking of...

"The Annual 4th of July Obstacle Course"

...  This is a unique land, sea and air event that includes every kid trying to achieve the best time.  It includes the following items, all important to be qualified for the race:


Running around the house!


Doing a goofy jump


Climbing the waterslide


the 2007 champion Crossing the finish line

This year was an even better year, because two sets of grandparents were included and participated in the day (well...not the obstacle course...but the hanging out and eating the food part).

Actually it was yet another of those multigenerational opportunities we have around here for kids to live life in the shadow of their grandparents.  The little ones build constant memories of whole family events while at the same time treating their grandparents to smiles and laughs.


Grandfathers 2007

Quietly making noise,


Beer-Butt Chicken

Last night I was helping our friends get ready for their

carnival for charity

.  Anyhow, I took the first two Mangoboys and travelled down to Riverbend Ranch where we met up with some other friends from church.

Since it was dinner time, they invited me to have a delicious BBQ chicken sandwich, but I politely declined and mentioned that I had

"Beer-Butt Chicken"

waiting for us on the smoker at home.  I was very surprised when I found out these folks had never heard of the famous Beer-Butt Chicken.  I was shocked, because these are fairly hip people(

or at least they are known to hang out with hip beautiful people

).  So, I went into detail explaining why I would choose to skip their chicken for my own at home...I described the spices - paprika, thyme, garlic powder, and cayenne peppers.  I explained that these spices are rubbed on and under the skin of the chicken.  I mentioned the lathering of butter in and outside the chicken.  But, the reality is this, it is none of those yummy's all about the beer. 

Here's the deal take 1 beer per chicken.  Crack it open and empty 1/2 the beer (you choose how you want to empty the beer - I choose the chug/guzzle approach).  Then you need to put butter in and around the opening of the beer (key feature needed in a later step) and add 1 bay leaf into the can.  At this point you are ready for insertion.

Hey is called Beer-Butt chicken for a reason.  You take the can and slowly and carefully insert it into the lower cavity of the chicken (note: this is the reason for buttering the can).  If you have done this correctly, it looks like a chicken with a beer can sticking out of it's butt (see pictures below). 

Based on the size, our family needs at least two chickens, but even if you don't...I recommend cooking two chickens. 


, it allows you one full beer for consumption in the process. 


, it is really good chicken and you can alter the second recipe to provide variation (garlic/butter or curry spice or whatever). 

But the main reason

I like to cook two, is because of what it looks like on the grill.  Instead of having a grill full of wings or thighs, you have actual chickens...sitting up, knees bent, wings resting at their side...looking like they are having a conversation...only they have a beer can stuck up their butt.  It's a beautiful me if you want the actual recipe...


Quietly Making Noise,