MightyJoe Shops, Part 5 - Being Bad

In a previous post, I shared how many times MightyJoe is not actually shopping, but having a conversation with Alexa.  This is another one of those times.

If you look at the date stamps on the shopping list, you will see that the top entry is accurate, because it is in fact a November Day. 

Thus, thee second entry is a tiny bit off. Because it is definitely not Halloween, but if you have a special needs child, you might recognize that holidays can be obsessed about for weeks prior to the event and then remembered for weeks after the event. Bags of candy? Costumes? Yeah, Halloween almost undid MightyJoe (and Kendra!). So, +/- six days is fairly accurate.

It also looks like Joe was looking for someone to spend time with, but clearly Kendra was sick (probably sick of hearing him go on and on about Halloween no doubt) and Jack was busy playing Star Wars.

It's the next two entries that really intrigue me. You see on October 13th Mom is the great girl, but it's also the day we found out that "Can Wine is the best girl in the whole wide world"

Finally, and don't miss this my reader, we have another stroke of genius by MighyJoe. You see when MJ needs to calm down or he's out of control and making bad decisions we have him rest on a giant purple bean bag chair with some calm-down toys, his blanket and a few favorite stuffed animals. It's a great therapeutic place and he often falls asleep there.

Maybe though, in his little mind, the place you sit to calm down and refocus your energy is not the bean bag, but it's the place where you go when you are "being bad."  I can see the confusion. I need a "being bad" chair sometimes too.

Quietly making noise,