What Is Going On Here?

I'm not sure what's happening in this picture...but as Kendra and I were looking out the back window we saw these two little girls playing with piles of fresh cut grass.  Apparently this is what happens when you live so far from the beach...instead of burying each other in the sand, you bury each other with grass...at least we don't live on a dairy :)


Notice Salsa our fearless watchdog curled up in the foreground waiting for her opportunity to get "grassed."

Quietly making noise,


The Doll Incident

During the evening chores, our six year old daughter goes out to the coop to collect the chicken eggs.  So, last night, she takes the trek out and collects about a dozen eggs.  But, before she gets to the kitchen we can hear her screaming at the top of her lungs.  In a panic, my wife and I run out assuming there has been some catastrophe at the coop, but instead we hear our dear daughter screaming: "My doll!  My doll!  Salsa took her and ate her..." 

Now, a few notes to help clarify...  Salsa is our Golden Retriever.  She is notorious for eating things like flip-flops, baseball mitts, garden tomatoes, and anything else that belongs to my wife.  So, the search was on, we had to find Salsa and we hoped it wasn't too late to save the doll.  Simultaneously we tried to comfort a very upset six year old girl...who was sobbing and explaining what happened through her tears.  As we tried to determine which doll was missing and how the dog got the doll, my wife noticed something sticking out of our daughter's dress.


As you can tell from the picture, it's a doll.  Her shirt is rolled up to hold the eggs (in a pouch-like manner).  My wife quietly asked if she was looking for the doll that was tucked into her skirt.  You guessed it, that was the doll.  In one quick second she realized that this was the "missing doll" and also remembered tucking it into her skirt while she collected the eggs.  Somehow in the one hundred steps from the coop to the kitchen she forgot she had tucked her in for safety.  (Note in the background of the picture...that's Salsa just outside the screen door waiting for a treat...or anything that belongs to my wife...).

This may not qualify as blog-worthy to you...but this incident had "theMangoTimes" written all over it...I was in tears laughing at how long it took us to search for a doll, console a daughter, and confuse a dog...all at the same time.

Quietly making noise,