Doing Math With Mark Driscoll

I saw this on Facebook this morning. Read it slowly. After reading through the 122 comments, it's clear that most people did not read the whole statement and just wanted to attack the messenger. In this case, forget the messenger and focus on the message.

This statement isn't so much about our obedience to God, but about our motivation. We still obey, we still submit, we still honor, but when we do it to "get something from God" it's a form of religion. When we know the love of God, it motivates us to obey. That's the gospel. That's Christianity.

I got this backwards for many years and worse than that taught my kids some crappy math along the way. We never measured up (much like Dolores Umbridge) and entered a vicious cycle of trying harder to achieve. 

Don't believe me? Do you think your acceptance is about obedience to God? Do you really believe He will love you more if you obey Him better? Let me encourage you to stop trying so hard to be a better behavior and become a better believer.

Quetly making noise,