Prepare to Laugh...

Last night, CBS aired the AFI top 100 films of the last century.  Citizen Kane took top honors with The Godfather coming in second.  I've been working on my top-ten list for the past few months, and I'm almost ready to post it (still working on the necessary commentary that explains why it is such an eclectic list), but near the top of my all time favorites is the movie referred to in this link that my wife sent to me last night!

EDITOR'S ADDED NOTE: Wow, I post some of my most heart felt issues, things I really care comments.  Then today I throw together a post about TPB...and three of you comment before 10AM...Got me to thinking...feel free to post your favorite TPB quote when you leave a comment!

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Stranger Than Fiction

I know this should go under a long list of theMT recommendations, but I had to pull this movie out by itself.  This is easily my favorite movie of the year and I am probably going to end up making it one i own.  it's the type of movie that requires multiple watchings to refine what it is you like about it (not like the matrix, which was just flat confusing...). 

The concept in this movie is brilliant, the cast is fantastic, and the acting was smashing.  This movie opens doors for conversation on the discussion of free will.  I don't want to spoil anything for you, because I think this movie should just be enjoyed.  But, speaking in vague terms, who is in control of your life?  Is it you or do you have someone else authoring your life?  Is there a supreme author in all of our lives?  Do you have a role in deciding each and every page of the book and how the chapter turns and twists, or are you written in and out of scenes at the will of the writer?

Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

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Family Movie Night


"Death by Popcorn"

We have refined one other aspect to our entertainment habits:  we've nearly cancelled movie watching in our home.  Now, instead of giving our kids the freedom to throw in a movie at any time, we've limited our dvd watching to one evening: Fridays!  and we call it "Family Movie Night." 


For the past two years we've been enjoying the "Lois and Clark" television series (heavy editing done for content...but our kids and daughters are "super" fans!).  We watch one episode every week and we stop during the summers (just like the tv show).  We tend to watch a double feature and make a ton of popcorn (courtesy of the popcorn machine Pop-Pop bought the kids for Christmas).  Typically a "tv show" followed by a "feature movie."

this has been a really good thing for our family.  First, it limits the need for movies/entertainment to fill all of our heads.  Second, it highlights certain movies, so the kids make good choices for what they want to watch.  Third, it has elevated our together time on Friday nights - everyone gets amped for family movie night (some willingly take naps!).

Last night we watched our typical "L and C" episode, then as a surprise we watched "Nanny McPhee" (Kendra had just finished it as a read aloud book this week, so we compared the book vs. movie - fyi...the book won!).  Above is a photo of Mangogirl #3, who regularly doesn't make it to the end of "FMN" because she often cheats on her nap (note the popcorn that was thrown during a particularly scary moment of superman!).

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