Dinner Conversation

Heard tonight at the table.

CJ: We should just change Annesley's name to Lola. That's what everyone calls her anyway.
Me: I call her Annesley. We named her Annesley. I like Annesley.
CJ: Well Pop-Pop and a lot of people just call her Lola.
Me: What do you mean by "a lot of people?"
CJ: I don't know...a lot.
Me: In order to change her name, don't you think we should have a good reason?
Christian: Well, I only know how to spell Lola, so I think that should be her name.
Me: I'll contact our attorney tomorrow.

Quietly making noise,

At Their Level

I wrote a few days ago about life in our home with

my dad

.  I would not be complete in my story if I didn't mention the flipside to the grandparent coin.  PopPop isn't alone in his kindness...Grammy Cookie is right there with him.  Tonight we had a big bbq for several out of town guests.  In the midst of it all, I found this great picture of my mom.  Mangogirl #3 had made herself a little table on the edge of the concrete steps and Grammy Cookie decided to dine with her, so she eased her "tired bones" (her words, not mine) down to the concrete to share a meal at her level. 


I'm sure this little girl will not remember this specific instance...but great memories were solidified in this little girl tonight when her grammy dined with her "alone."

I'm continually struck by these little things.  Individually they don't mean a lot, but collectively I think they will add up to impact the life of my kids.

Quietly making noise,


Family Movie Night


"Death by Popcorn"

We have refined one other aspect to our entertainment habits:  we've nearly cancelled movie watching in our home.  Now, instead of giving our kids the freedom to throw in a movie at any time, we've limited our dvd watching to one evening: Fridays!  and we call it "Family Movie Night." 


For the past two years we've been enjoying the "Lois and Clark" television series (heavy editing done for content...but our kids and daughters are "super" fans!).  We watch one episode every week and we stop during the summers (just like the tv show).  We tend to watch a double feature and make a ton of popcorn (courtesy of the popcorn machine Pop-Pop bought the kids for Christmas).  Typically a "tv show" followed by a "feature movie."

this has been a really good thing for our family.  First, it limits the need for movies/entertainment to fill all of our heads.  Second, it highlights certain movies, so the kids make good choices for what they want to watch.  Third, it has elevated our together time on Friday nights - everyone gets amped for family movie night (some willingly take naps!).

Last night we watched our typical "L and C" episode, then as a surprise we watched "Nanny McPhee" (Kendra had just finished it as a read aloud book this week, so we compared the book vs. movie - fyi...the book won!).  Above is a photo of Mangogirl #3, who regularly doesn't make it to the end of "FMN" because she often cheats on her nap (note the popcorn that was thrown during a particularly scary moment of superman!).

Quietly making noise,