Slip N Fly

I dedicate this post to the wonderful children of the 1970's.

For those kids like me who designed their Slip N' Slides to drop them right in the pool (without remembering that the final 4 feet typically meant concrete and a pool ledge). This is for the kids who built poorly engineered bike ramps that encouraged broken bones and bloody cuts, because they watched their hero, Evel Knievel, jump anything and everything on his motorcycle.

This is for the kids who knew how to live on the edge by pouring Pop Rocks down their throat and immediately taking a swig of Coca-Cola right out of the bottle (just to test the theory). You are the ones who knew how to amp up your chemistry sets with the addition of a little lighter fluid or gasoline.

Your play time included an element of danger and typically included one of nature's elements (fire, water, earth or air). You know who you are. You stood in line for the original Star Wars release (and were subsequently scared to death by Darth Vader and the Sand People). Your heroes were Luke Skywalker, Evel Knievel and The Fonz (he jumped sharks!). 

I'm certain most of my posse from the seventies do not even hang around theMangoTimes. They will probably miss reading this one. But this goes out personally to Rusty Dobbs, Tom Slater, Brooke Kady, and my cousins Rob and Tim Pritts. This video is for all of us. Someone finally took the time to create what we all knew we wanted. Enjoy!

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Where There's A Will

After a very successful night of trick-or-treating, a few of the mangokids ended up with bags and bags of candy. Like all good parents we began the November rationing of candy by hiding the stash high in the kitchen cupboards. You see, by removing the temptation from our kids and hiding it out of sight behind a cabinet door, we would eliminate the desire to plow through handfuls of DumDums and Smarties, right?
Seriously people, Kenj and I should get a reward for being awesome parents who know best how to raise children. Let me know when the awards ceremony and presentation will begin...


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Braniac Inventions, #1


I wonder why no one has thought about people-sized paper towels?  Think about get out of the shower and right next to the door, is a big roll of huge paper bath towels.  You could rip them off the perforation and then wrap yourself in the "quilted quicker-picker upper" Bounty, or for the men that are reading, consider drying with a jumbo Brawny towel!  When you are done, there is no cleanup, no laundry...just large wadded up balls of paper sitting in the garbage (or "near" the garbage can...if you live with a husband like me.)

Always fresh, always dry, and quite possibly in a variety of colors and prints that match your bathroom.

And that's not the best part...consider the size of the cardboard tube you would have when you finished the roll!  my boys would love that part!  The only negative aspect would be if you lived with someone who doesn't replace the empty roll...

So, what about you?  Any great inventions you've wanted to bring up and haven't had the time?  share them with us!

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I'm not sure if I have specifically mentioned this aspect of the mangoboys, but my previous entry reminded me of our number one mangoboy, Hayden.  If he could have any job, I think he would be an inventor.
It reminded me of the day we were at our local restaurant eating fries and he came up with the idea of "fretchup."  The idea was that he would pre-load french fries with ketchup (thus the name...).  I guess the idea involved frozen fries/ketchup and then when deep fried they would be perfect temperature with a self-contained amount of ketchup.
I realize it's not Stanford or MIT level brilliance...this is really more the level of the ACME corporation (think roadrunner/coyote), but I think the kid is a genius...

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