Mr. Amazing

A few weeks ago, my oldest son Hayden began blogging again. After going through a very stressful year, it has been really good to see him writing again. Like me, I think it is natural for him to turn to writing to help him work out his thoughts on paper.

A few days ago he wrote a blog post about his frustration with disappointment and boredom. I was pleasantly surprised today to read on Facebook about an adventure he created downtown. Instead of focusing on his boredom, he got out of the house and created his own amazing situation. Check it out!

Great job Hayden! You are amazing!

Quietly making noise,

Father's Day - the Fresh Maker!

On Father's day this year, I was treated to the great Diet Coke with Mentos experiment. (If you don't know what I mean, google it and watch the videos).


"Houston...we have liftoff"


"Notice how Nate is projecting it toward Jack.


"...Also note how Hayden has left the scene"


"Jack with a mouthfull of used Mentos and Diet Coke...mmm...yum"

Quietly making noise,


Eeek! Large Walking Mice!

theMangoTimes has taken another quick trip to Southern California for a few days of pirates, honey-pots and Tomorrowland adventure.  This was just a trip for the two oldest Mangoboys...they had two full days of scouring Walt's place, jumping between the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.  We had a great time together with a lot of laughs...our guys had a great time together and the two of us felt like we were on an extended date with time to stroll and enjoy the warm sunshine (and churros!).  One interesting note is the large amount of overheard crying and whining from kids that weren't quite getting what they wanted (so much for the happiest place on earth?).


Mangoboys pose with "Mater"


"Where is Alice?"


"Avast ye Scurvy Scum!"

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I'm not sure if I have specifically mentioned this aspect of the mangoboys, but my previous entry reminded me of our number one mangoboy, Hayden.  If he could have any job, I think he would be an inventor.
It reminded me of the day we were at our local restaurant eating fries and he came up with the idea of "fretchup."  The idea was that he would pre-load french fries with ketchup (thus the name...).  I guess the idea involved frozen fries/ketchup and then when deep fried they would be perfect temperature with a self-contained amount of ketchup.
I realize it's not Stanford or MIT level brilliance...this is really more the level of the ACME corporation (think roadrunner/coyote), but I think the kid is a genius...

Quietly making noise,

Raising Boys

Tonight's post-dinner conversations...the fine art of cannibalism.
Mangoboy#1: "Dad, if we were cannibals...what part of the body would you eat first?"
Me: "I'd probably start with the hands, because they'd be easy to hold and you could eat them a finger at a time and dip them into ketchup"
Mangoboy#2: "It would probably taste like chicken...everything tastes like chicken."
Mangoboy#3: "Would we eat people like know...breasts, thighs, and would their arms/legs be like wings and legs?"
Me again (because I am getting "that look" from Kendra that seems to be asking me how old I am behaving):"Okay...that's enough of this wonderful discussion...let's focus on a better topic."
Mangoboy#3:"If I had to eat you dad, I'd eat your eyes...because they are very wise and have seen a lot of things."
Me again:"Thanks, that's good to know you have my preferred body parts chosen...but this topic is now officially over..."
Mangogirl#1:"If i was a "can of bull" I'd hate to eat dad...I'd rather eat McDonalds."
Me: Launching nose contents as I laugh at my lovely daughters phonetical learning style...

Quietly making noise,