Dunhill Pipe - 1977

After joining an online pipe forum and slowly learning how to search for and enjoy the purchase of estate pipes, one of my new favorite places to search for used pipes has been at local antique shops. As fortune would have it, my initial attempt at finding a decent estate pipe was a giant success.

In our local antique and consignment shop, I walked away with a beautiful estate pipe. In the photos below, you will see a beautiful Dunhill Rootbriar pipe that is dated from 1977. If you take a close look at the grain and the stem and the inside of the bowl, you will see that after almost 40yrs, this pipe is still in really great shape.

Here is where it gets really good. Most of my readers will not appreciate the acquisition of pipes, so I need to explain this purchase a little more. For some, acquiring a Dunhill pipe is an important piece of their pipe collection. I have two Dunhill pipes that I've purchased in pipe shops. So, to find a great quality pipe like this on my first venture is impressive enough, but to have it be a nice 40yr old quality pipe is remarkable.

Now, the only downside is that I peaked out on my first attempt and I think every pipe will sit deeply in the shadow of this beautiful piece of history.

Quietly making noise,