Rejected Olympic Events

I was throwing out an old sketch pad and found a few funny pictures from a project that Jack and I worked on a few years ago. It was during the London Olympics and we decided to doodle a few pictures with the theme: REJECTED OLYMPIC EVENTS.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Can you think of any rejected events? Let us know in the comments below.

Quietly making noise,

The Good Ol' Days - Cartoons

I spent my elementary school years in the 1970's.  From a kids point of view, it was a fantastic decade to grow up.  From television to movies to candy, it had all the makings to form life long memories.  I've blogged a lot about candy already - and it got me to thinking, "Hey I should blog about the 70's, I'm sure there are others that feel the same as I do about the greatest decade for pop-culture."


What better time to grow up?  Let's see, we had the modern stone-age family.  Scooby and the gang cruisin' in the Mystery Machine (did you notice how Fred/Daphne always checked out the upstairs while Velma, Shag and Scoob always checked out the creepy attic or the basement - quincidence? I don't think so).  Shaggy was the ultimate hippie and user (always having the munchies?).


The Looney Tunes Gang - I loved the coyote, which reminds me of a visit to Berkeley, Ca. when I saw the "ACME bread company."  I stopped in to see what type of bread they baked (I half expected a loaf of sourdough with a stick of  TNT or magnetic poppyseeds...).


How about the Superheroes at the Hall of Justice?  Remind me again how having an invisible plane is to your advantage?  And when will you ever need all the creatures of the sea to help with a world dilemma?


Yogi, BooBoo and Ranger Smith had yet to "come out of the closet" (Cindy Bear was a ploy at best...).  Speaking of potentially "soft" cartoon characters...Snagglepuss - he was pink, overly theatrical and dramatic, and wore those french cuff links.  All the stereotypes wrapped into one character.


Obviously there are many more (you can add them in your comments below).  But do you remember the coolest of the cool?  The one cartoon character that was hip and happening?  That's right...The Pink Panther.  He was always one step ahead of the big-nosed guy and he always had the cool jazz riff going in the that cat was cool!


Quietly making noise,