Counting with Renée

Counting the years on your birthday is always way more fun when Renée Fleming is involved!

Happy Birthday Kenj! Hope your dreams are filled with miles of great knitting yarn, beautiful music, the smell and warmth of the beach, excellent match points with Federer, delicious food and gobs of good dark chocolate ice cream!

Quietly making noise,

One Seven


When we first started having children, it seemed like all we could make was boys. I quickly honed my skills at tumbling, wrestling and the fine art of well-timed farting.  Clearly, I was meant to be a "boy dad" and I figured that was my lot in life was navigating fun while at the same time avoiding a trip to the ER.

Then, in 1999, this little girl showed up (followed by her two sisters). As it turns out, I love being a "girl dad" too! These girls were taught to keep up with their rough and tumble brothers, but they were also loved, cuddled, and cherished as beautiful daughters. 

Happy Birthday Abigail Sarah. You have been "your father's joy" for 17 years!  

Quietly making noise,
Fletch (Dad)