How I Reversed My Type 2 Diabetes

Out of the gates, I want to announce that there were no magic pills or potions involved. Quite simply, I reversed my Type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise. I realize that just by me saying "diet and exercise," I have lost everyone hoping for something exciting or magical. Diet and exercise is the answer you already knew and probably didn't want to hear, right?

Well, for those of you who were hoping for the magic recipe. I assure you it's still here. Only it's not in the form of a pill that has been advertised on TV commercials by a giant pharmaceutical company. Even so, I want you to stick around. I promise to help you and if you know me by now, the story will be worth the read.

As you read along, you will find out how stress, diet, weight gain, exercise, and a host of other issues affected my health. You may even recognize yourself and find something out about your own health along the way. You will also find out that diabetes isn't the only thing I was able to reverse engineer. Several other health markers of disease, including high blood pressure, obesity, and fatty liver disease have all disappeared.

Here’s the main point: This can be done. You can change your health without a labeled orange bottle from the local drugstore. 

Here's the main point: This can be done. You can change your health without a labeled orange bottle from the local drugstore. Give me a chance to share my story. Read how I descended into poor health and disease and then discover how I came to my own recovery.

Maybe you are one of my blog readers who is just reading the next thing I write. That's great! But, maybe you found me on social media or Googled the term "diabetes" and through the magic of the internet you landed at my blog. If so, you are like me and can relate to someone who struggles with middle-age diseases like diabetes, hypertension, fatty-liver and gut fat.

I don't care how you got here or why you are here. I just want to encourage you to hang around long enough to see if you can learn how to reverse your own diabetes, lower your own blood pressure, and improve your own health.

Regardless, I'll do my best to entertain you with the story of how an overweight, belly sagging, donut-chomping, pizza-baking, coke-in-a-bottle chugging, pipe-smoking, unmotivated middle-aged man turned the tide on his health and changed his diet and reversed the progress of disease.

The adventure is on. Join me.

Quietly making noise,


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