MightyJoe Shops, Part 1 - Poop

This is a new series on theMangoTimes. I'm calling it "MightyJoe Shops." This series began as a result of college-aged sons teaching MightyJoe how to "tell Alexa" to put things on the Amazon shopping list. Yes, you can only imagine what a brain injured little boy will order when he is given the freedom to ask for whatever he likes.

Of course, the Amazon Echo in our home is connected to my Amazon account. I'm sure the shopping list managers at Amazon are wondering just who in the hell I am.

Here we go with the first of many shopping lists:

It is clear. Joe has a thing for poop. He clearly likes to say it. I assume he does this and giggles himself silly. You know why? Because 'Alexa' actually listens to him and then repeats it back to him.

There are many more to come. Prepare yourself.

Quietly making noise,