Live from FINland

Live from FINland - Jimmy Buffett, HP Pavilion

Last month, we surprised the Mangokids by bringing them with us to a last minute concert to see Jimmy Buffett live. They loved it and it was pretty cool for me to share something with them that I have loved doing for the past 25 years. (Has it been that long?). We took the top five with us and I enjoyed singing along with them to all of our family favorites. 

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere, and I think it's right here!" - Abby, Age 12

Jimmy's concerts can be quite a show. Some of my most memorable experiences have been sitting (and smelling) on the grass at one of Jimmy's concerts. Now that he's played for four decades, it is not unusual to see three generations enjoying the concert together. With such an age spread, the concerts are much tamer than when I first saw him back in the mid-80's on the lawn at Concord Pavilion. The kids sat amazed as the "grown-ups" walked around with shark fins or parrot hats on their heads.

"This was the most fun I've ever had!" - Caroline, Age 10
(My job here is finished - Fletch)

We had two surprise guests at the concert this year. First, my big sister (Aunt Pam) joined us for the show. You can see her in the above picture joining Caroline with big Buffett smiles as they put their "fins" up! Second, I was able to reconnect with my old college roomate. Jahn and I attended our first Buffett concert on August 14, 1987, making this our 25 year reunion of sorts. In the photo below, you can see us partying with two young babes we found at the concert.

Two Pirates, Looking Way Past Forty

The only problem with this experience is that I have created some loyalists. Let me know if you want to be part of the festivities next year. Here at theMangoTimes, we plan on going until Jimmy stops touring!

Quietly making noise,