Goodbye Salsa

Salsa, 2005

While travelling through Southern California this weekend we received the very bad news that our favorite dog, Salsa, had died.

I know everyone loves their dogs and as readers of theMangoTimes know by now, I do not believe in elevating my pets to the status of human privledge. With that said, Salsa was the best damn dog I've ever owned. Hands down. Best dog. She was happy and content to be a dog and lived a great life out in the country following us around from project to project. As an outside dog Salsa followed the sun and enjoyed her days napping late into the afternoon. I believe she loved

Back Porch Parties

better than us, because it was easy to find a child with an unattended plate of food and leftovers were always in abundance.

Favorite Memories
Any visitors to Mangoland can appreciate that Salsa was a gentle fun dog for any kid that came to play or swim at our house. She never bit or nipped at anyone. In fact my greatest memory of Salsa was when my favorite accountant gifted us a pair of ducks. I walked out side and Salsa was lying down in her favorite spot in the sun. Curled into her belly was our cat, Sugar, and the two ducks, Cheese and Quackers. A major defect in the food chain? Hardly. Salsa was just that kind of dog.
Her Name
We brought Salsa home as a puppy on the Fourth of July weekend. We dropped some onions and tomatoes on the ground and like a flash she devoured them. Our friend suggested we name her Salsa and the name just seemed appropriate. 

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We'll miss you Salsa! 

Quietly making noise,