"Wither Thou Goest I Will Follow"

I vividly remember what it felt like standing at the front of Morris Chapel. Flanked by Tom, Scott, Jahn, Hayden, and Robb, and watching each bridesmaid walk past me one at a time. Then there was that moment, when the congregation stood and they all turned to look at the glass doors at the back of the chapel.

Wow. Absolutely beautiful.

It was overwhelming to see you and your dad walk down the aisle. The weight of the event hit me. The guests, the seriousness. This was the real deal and the fun and games were over.

Well, twenty years have passed. Guess what? The fun and games have never stopped.  I still feel like PopPop's two kittens playing in a burlap bag.

I joke about it often, but still can't believe that Shrek got the princess in this story. Thanks for saying yes. Thanks for two decades of great memories together. Love does change everything.

I would steal a plant for you any day.