Maui, Tsunamis and Big Wave Riding

Earlier this month, my favorite hula girl and I travelled with two of the mangokids for a quick trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Between the free airline tickets, a dislike for all things winter, a love for blender drinks, and the overwhelming desire to swim in a warm ocean...this trip was just what the doctor ordered.  

I know I talk a lot about Hawaii and life in the islands, but my loyal readers will know that it's been nearly two years since our last visit to the big 5-0. This time around we hit the land of pineapples and papayas with Kendra's parents (long, long, long time fans of theMangoTimes, huge supporters!). This trip included a tsunami evacuation, surfing lessons, and day after day of sun beating into the depths of my soul. Way too much to talk about here, so here are my top five favorite parts:


#5 - Banana Bread trip with Adele

Touted as the best banana bread on the planet, we made the trip to the north shore of Maui for Julia's Banana Bread. Very narrow roads with hairpin turns mark the path to this tiny village where you will find a green tree house that sells this banana bread. As it turns out, my MIL does not love narrow roads and hairpin turns. Thus the enjoyment of the trip. Crazy beautiful and a yummy treat at the conclusion.


#4 - Church, Surfing and Duke's on Sunday

One of our favorite parts of traveling on Maui has been worship at Kumulani Chapel. They meet in what they call "The Barn" which is open in the back allowing warm island breezes to flow over the congregation during worship. After church we went down to the beach for three hours of surfing. It was Kendra's first time and she was up on the second wave. (Attention readers: we have a new hobby in mangoland. Kendra is hooked!). I can't think of a better way to finish the day then going to Duke's for dinner on the beach. Yummy seafood and a belly full of Hula pie. It was quite literally a perfect day!



#3 - Traveling with Jack/Abby

Several have asked how we do big trips with 8 kids? The truth is: we don't! On trips requiring air travel, we have gotten into the habit of taking a few kids at a time. This time we also had free airline tickets, which made the decision even easier. These two were a lot of fun. They didn't complain about anything, tried a bunch of new foods and were a pleasure to take.  


#2 - Trip to Lanai

This was our second trip to the island of Lanai. We love it. We had lunch at Blue Ginger in Lanai City followed by a tour of the suites at the Four Season's Lodge at Koele (courtesy of theMangoTimes editor) and then we hit the beach at Manele Bay for some sunshine/surf therapy. Let's not forget the ferry ride to Lanai (aka Free Dolphin and Whale Show).


#1 - It wasn't the Central Valley's Maui and it was fan"stinking"tastic!  Hot sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets, warm pacific water, and the tastiest loco moco I've eaten. It was so good that we already booked our trip for next year!

Quietly making noise,