A Sports Analogy and TOGOs at 21!

There is not a lot planned today while we wait to meet with Caroline's surgeon this evening. In the arena of healing, we sit as spectators and watch as her body fights against bacteria and we check the medical scoreboard regularly to see who is winning. If the fever drops and the body leads, we will continue to watch the game. If the fever rises and the bacteria take over, we will bring in the second string (surgery). We'll keep you posted on the score...

togos-old.gifHowever, there is more to talk about today...because it was 21 years ago today that I asked the young freshman Kendra Hopper to join me on our first date. Apparently, I was a big spender back in the day and took her to TOGOs for "Turkey/Avocado on Wheat." It must have worked, because sometime later I told her I loved her "and now we have eight kids."

Kenj...thanks for saying yes to a turkey (sandwich)! Let's keep it crazy, but serious!

Quietly making noise,