Letters to the Editor - "What's with Jimmy Buffett?"

This is really a two part question that I am asked on a semi-regular basis.

READER: "What is with all the references to Jimmy Buffett?"
Editor's Response:
"One of theMT recipients introduced me to the music and lyrics of Jimmy Buffett during my freshman year of college (thanks Stewie!). Jimmy sings about the life I would really like to live: warm breezes, lazy days, tropical drinks, and taking life one day at a time.

READER: "I can't believe you like Jimmy Buffett?"
Editor's Response:
I assume this question comes from someone who has listened to some of the more questionable lyrics. For the most part, Jimmy writes songs that tell a story or paint a picture in my mind.  Most of those stories and pictures are of places I would love to be.  Just yesterday I told my fourteen year old, that a certain Buffett song always reminds me of when Kendra and I first met and fell in love.  Those are some of the best memories in my life - so the music tied to them is just as good.
His music is also responsible for some of my favorite quotes (examples: "Quietly making noise" - "I've had good days and bad days and goin' half mad days" - "If the phone doesn't ring, it's me").  Sure, he's written some trashy stuff, but that's the beauty of editing - and that's not the stuff we listen to anyway.  Typically, his music normally puts a smile on my face and often starts the whole house dancing...and that alone is worth the listen!

Quietly making noise,